Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Chopranos - a positive TV show

The way my mind works, when I heard there was a show called The Sopranos, and I have just recently fallen deeply in love with Isabel Bayrakdarian, Rene Fleming, Maesha Bruggergosman, Chelsea Sauer, Adonya Dunn and so many more - and it is about a murderer? I snapped!

Don Choprano is the head of the highest spiritual family. No one can touch us! He says. He has secrets, sure, but they are more like dancing Shiva dances and having his wife stand on him for hours.. No violence at all. So a show called:

The Chopranos

Is a positive, light, fun idea to counter the violent promotion of killing and glamorizing all the worse elements in our world. The Chopranos can have Krishna playing flute, Brahma creating, Vishnu preserving.. and of course Ganesha!

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