Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quan Vs. Qual - an opera

I want to find a complete story of Chronos and Kairos, the 2 brothers in Greek Mythology who represent time. Chronos exact minute by minute time, and Kairos eternal, fun, more floating time.

I want to re-write the story as Quan vs. Qual, 2 brothers and like the ancient Greeg story: Quan kills Qual, but then with help from others oh I think Quan is poisoned and caughs up Qual..

So the ancient Measured Time kills Joyful Time is turned into Quantity kills Quality. This is such a timely lesson as everyone is convinced that the more clicks, it must be better. If you tell them in clear logic how this is a fallacy, they will realize it for one second then go back to: "But if people could get access to click the quality it will win.." which is of course foolishness!

Some stories about how like Beethoven didn't follow rules, well he did - learning from Hayden he had to! In fact they say his complaint with Hayden's teaching is that he wasn't strict and hard enough! Don't forget Beethoven's father was abusive and kept him up all night practicing.

Mozart got into big trouble because he wanted to do more creative things - and he did once he escaped his job in Salzburg. Don't ever think he wasn't the hardest working composer of all time though, whoever made that idiotic movie should be boiled in oil. The guy was such a sheer genius - now you always hear his corny songs, but my teacher has shown me such romantic sonatas and amazing form constructions!

The point I'm making in this blog entry is that one day a great opera / musical / oratorio / operetta can be composed called:

Quan Vs. Qual

And those who think the most clicks means it is best will love Quan, those who see hard-working artists dying tragically and scam bums making all the money as sham fake artists -- but popular! Well those artist lovers will be on Qual's side so it should be a great composition.

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