Monday, August 25, 2014

Warning: Immature Content! -to be published posthumously I think..

A few books I have been thinking of writing, perhaps each idea can be a chapter in the larger book. To be in the positive frame-of-mind, instead of saying: "More technology without more awareness is not good" I have to turn it around and say: "I believe certain awareness is needed with the amazing new technologies."

So to be healthy-outlook the title could be "What technology teaches us we need" or something like that. The chapters - previous book ideas - are:

  • Warning! Immature Content! - a child see's trashy foolishness and thinks that this is how mature people think? Call it immature content - not mature! • Obama's efforts with "The Real World" show with drunk teens in hot tubs - and he was powerless.
  • The Illiterati - how the digital-devide is no more, and is it a good thing? Those who think everyone should have every access aren't careful because bad people shouldn't have every tool.
  • The Endarkenment - how we are all made more serfs unlike the Enlightenment which ended some surfdom.
  • So-Called-Music - showing how music soothes the savage beast, but now savage beasts make it. Additionally, when DJs can make 50 million a year, yes million, and music programs are slashed everywhere, does anyone say that something is wrong?
  • Pop Con - how everything is turned into a popularity contest, and how great artists are nothing like this. 
  • Artsport - similar to the last, the idea is that great (dedicated hard work) art is not popular.
  • Infocracy - how information is the new currency, how to google is the key.
  • The Box - how "thinking outside of the box" is the same as thinking outside of technology, no longer done by pop culture. Everyone is stuck in "the box," cell-phone, pad, pod, gadget or device. 
  • Survival of the Vicious - leaders need to explain clearly how if a country moves in lots and lots of people, then a vote is taken to change the name of the area, this is not fair. It seems totally democratic - though sneaky. Now if Tirol, Scotland or some region wants to autonomize, is this what Crimea is wanting? Somebody needs to explain when this is OK, when it is not.
  • Netiquitte - the proof that our form of democracy is bankrupt is comments on YouTube videos or any comments anywhere. Why are people allowed to have foul mouths - and foul comments?
  • Sullivanian Art - can it go back to a dull host with no personality, no voting whatsoever at all, and great artists get the opportunity to be seen? I sure miss dull old Ed Sullivan.
  • Stupid Laws - more and more there are things so stupid that there should be laws against them. 
  • Liberate Discrimination - the word discriminate was hijacked and now no one can discriminate. "Never discriminate!" has made people unable to discriminate at all (good acting vs. poor, music vs. junk, philosophy vs. cult brainwashing). Discriminating tastes need to be brought back. 
  • How To Protect Messengers - Darwin was smart to not publish until after he passed away. Can the world evolve to where messengers such as Darwin are safe and appreciated in their day? 

These are just a few of the chapters / books I may write, or may not if messengers are treated poorly.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Actuate - an entirely new concept in teaching music

From talks with my cousin Diana who inspired the Vincent Trio Scores, another amazing idea came to me, also yesterday I saw an interview with the author of Zentrepreneur.

Self Actualization is the goal of Buddhism, and any spiritual path. Know thyself, and to thyself be true. Diana and I grump about how we can't be the creative people we see ourselves as. But I know a trick: putting the physical performing into books, sort of like freeze-drying the fun, bouncy, vibrant and alive performing energy, into stagnant pieces of paper - but they turn into pages of wild party fun! Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I don't think so. I think it's a masterful working of what has been handed to me, a composer who hasn't ever been acknowledged and paid any good money for it, so I find a solution better than notoriety after all.

The ability to compose in my own styles, in my own terms, teaching music and culture in my own ways.

Actuate, Creative Music Studies

A whole new idea of performing and composing. Here are a few sections:

Active Fugue Show. One person comes up with the first line, the Theme or Statement. Instead of the answer being immediate, there is a 1 bar rest for the other voice/person to design his answer. Then voice 1 plays his part and voice 2 plays his answer. Again a 1 bar rest for voice 1 to think of a countersubject or whatever he will play. Next the parts are played and voice 1 also plays his new part. Then another 1 bar break and voice 2 thinks of their part.

This goes on and meanwhile a person has been scoring the whole thing all along. When they finish, the score is shown to all, and played without the breaks between parts. (Much of this idea came from talking to John a classmate in Advanced Harmony. He wanted to know if our understanding of Harmony could help our improvisations. I think John, with that idea of yours and my creativity, it is now done - thanks!)

Chopin Turned into Mambo - first 2 players, later all at once.

This is sort of already done with Calypso Etude #1 which has a 2 person version and then an all-at-once version. The E flat Major Nocture will be the perfect first lesson, and the bass-chord-chord pattern that is in most of Chopin's waltzes will be morphed into either a Rumba 3-3-2 rhythm or more extended Bossanova 2-3-3-3-3-3 which is easily enough written out by someone like me, and the melody morphed into 4/4 is actually much more fun and easy than people think!

I've also created a few pieces I now call "Gargoyle Songs" sort of inspired by Casa Loma's Gargoyles.. These can have one part played by one person, Agnison? And a solo by another, Kinneson? These are 2 master pianists at the RCM. How well the soloist follow the melody-follows-note-difference rule will be fun to measure.

"Lilly Song" expanded to Major-Minor-Dominant solo work. I'll write some more variations, then people should be able to make up their own, even if it's just chords repeated or jumping octaves. This is the kind of "Self Actualization" that Actuate is all about, even if the person can only do basic simple variations, it is improvising! And performing, and composing, all at once!

This style of teaching can be another book in our Charmony series if ARTTSI Instute supports it (fingers crossed).

Quan Vs. Qual - an opera

I want to find a complete story of Chronos and Kairos, the 2 brothers in Greek Mythology who represent time. Chronos exact minute by minute time, and Kairos eternal, fun, more floating time.

I want to re-write the story as Quan vs. Qual, 2 brothers and like the ancient Greeg story: Quan kills Qual, but then with help from others oh I think Quan is poisoned and caughs up Qual..

So the ancient Measured Time kills Joyful Time is turned into Quantity kills Quality. This is such a timely lesson as everyone is convinced that the more clicks, it must be better. If you tell them in clear logic how this is a fallacy, they will realize it for one second then go back to: "But if people could get access to click the quality it will win.." which is of course foolishness!

Some stories about how like Beethoven didn't follow rules, well he did - learning from Hayden he had to! In fact they say his complaint with Hayden's teaching is that he wasn't strict and hard enough! Don't forget Beethoven's father was abusive and kept him up all night practicing.

Mozart got into big trouble because he wanted to do more creative things - and he did once he escaped his job in Salzburg. Don't ever think he wasn't the hardest working composer of all time though, whoever made that idiotic movie should be boiled in oil. The guy was such a sheer genius - now you always hear his corny songs, but my teacher has shown me such romantic sonatas and amazing form constructions!

The point I'm making in this blog entry is that one day a great opera / musical / oratorio / operetta can be composed called:

Quan Vs. Qual

And those who think the most clicks means it is best will love Quan, those who see hard-working artists dying tragically and scam bums making all the money as sham fake artists -- but popular! Well those artist lovers will be on Qual's side so it should be a great composition.

The Chopranos - a positive TV show

The way my mind works, when I heard there was a show called The Sopranos, and I have just recently fallen deeply in love with Isabel Bayrakdarian, Rene Fleming, Maesha Bruggergosman, Chelsea Sauer, Adonya Dunn and so many more - and it is about a murderer? I snapped!

Don Choprano is the head of the highest spiritual family. No one can touch us! He says. He has secrets, sure, but they are more like dancing Shiva dances and having his wife stand on him for hours.. No violence at all. So a show called:

The Chopranos

Is a positive, light, fun idea to counter the violent promotion of killing and glamorizing all the worse elements in our world. The Chopranos can have Krishna playing flute, Brahma creating, Vishnu preserving.. and of course Ganesha!