Monday, June 21, 2010

2010s Longest Daze: Episode of Dr. Who came to mine

Good daze,
I woke this morning to a clink. Someone had dropped or placed a conduce or conduction. Let me relate this dreamy waking tale as I wrote it on my dream journal:

Time Lordy thoughts..

Museaou dropped / placed a conduce or conduction. Small unit to notate conducting on paper. Bridges two Elements. Actually an Architect or construction - Masons? tool. Then my thoughts went to how Transcend Energy Organizing (and other T.E.O.s) are musing this & other Tails / Stories.

A friend of Dr. Who, working with / through Mozart - Timing Lord! Eventually his nemesis is done in - the plan is: play out of time, he stomps the time with his big baton so loud and hard until he hits his foot, soon dies of gangrene (like Jean-Baptiste Lully did in real life!).

Meanwhile his opera "Quan vs. Qual" is being composed, and using Exposition form from Sonata Allegro musical form to prove through fugal themes, answers and variations, etc., that HARD WORK = VIRTUOSITY nothing more.

Eventually, Martha Jones - the early Dr. Who assistant - has to have the shape of her hips in motion analyzed to prove the curves necessary to complete the formula. Also much plot about how the wigs worn by Mozart, Nannerl his sister and others was a way to represent wisdom. King Geo himself would have been loved by Americans - how he wandered the countryside and talked to "the people" all the time but the Redcoats took their position too highly, ruined his reputation.

Eventually, even though, Dr. Who tries to stop him, Museaou (in Mozart) works on the perfect funeral Mass, & as a law of creating being going up into the atmosphere, seeing Past Pres & Fut to bring back down & show others, Museaou / Mozart learns death too well - the big lesson or moral of the episode is: Focus creatively on life not morbid plots! All cast members are crying, dramatic scene, sad that he died :(

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